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Cakemail has the tools and support to help your clients and organizations of all sizes grow.
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Key Offerings at a Glance

White-Label Customization
Full rebranding capabilities to match your local market's identity.
Localizable & Multilingual
Adapt the app to any language and local market preferences.
Advanced Authentication
Utilize DKIM, SPF/SenderID, and DMARC for trustworthy email deliverability.
Competitive Pricing
Structured to give you a competitive edge in your local market.
Recurring Revenue
Opportunities for long-term, recurring revenue streams.

Unmatched DeliverabilityDesigned for Local Impact, Built for Scale

Your Brand, Your Market

Customize Cakemail to fit your local market's needs—logos, color schemes, and even custom CSS for a unique client experience.

True white label

Own your market while we handle the backend. From link-tracking domains to the entire app experience, we've got you covered.

Unmatched Deliverability

Advanced Authentication

Methods like DKIM, SPF/SenderID, and DMARC ensure your clients' emails land in the right inboxes.

Hassle-Free Deliverability

We manage the technical details, so you can focus on strategy and client relationships.

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Scalable Sending Capacity

Our platform adjusts to your clients' needs, whether they're local businesses or larger enterprises.

Profitable Partnerships

Competitive Margins

Our pricing is structured to give your agency the edge, making profitability a given, not a goal.

Recurring Revenue Streams

Secure long-term, recurring revenue streams while focusing on your core business.

Speak Your Language, Reach Your People

Multilingual & Translatable App

Our app is available in multiple languages and can be translated into any language, offering unparalleled flexibility for your local market.

Regional Partner Dashboard

Monitor metrics, email volumes, and deliverability issues through a single, intuitive dashboard designed for regional needs.

Full Control with Partner API

Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems for comprehensive campaign management.

Ready-to-Use Sales Resources

We provide you with sales kits, feature breakdowns, and educational content, making it easier to pitch and close deals in your region.

Adding recurring revenue with Cakemail's reseller program

  • A multilingual and translatable email marketing platform completely branded to your business
  • Preferred pricing and revenue sharing
  • Support and sales team training
  • Client management tools
  • High sending capacity
  • Partner API access

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