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Version 6.20

Released March 21, 2024

What's new

  • Enhanced Client Management: Responding to popular demand from our Classic version, we’ve streamlined partner navigation to clients' sub-accounts for direct email campaign management. This update simplifies managing multiple campaigns across various clients, ensuring a seamless, efficient workflow—just like you wanted.
  • Streamlined Subscription Provisioning: We've integrated the ability for partners to provision Cakemail subscriptions right from their own billing systems. This makes managing subscriptions effortless, allowing for quick setup and adjustments for clients.
  • Effortless Contact Segmentation on Import: Importing contacts has been made more efficient. With the new ability to include a tag during the mass import process, you can automatically segment your list upon import. If you already have a segment based on a tag, simply select this segment, and each imported contact will be automatically added to the corresponding segment. Plus, you can create a new tag or add an existing one to all your contacts during the list import process — right at the validation step. This feature streamlines your workflow, making it easier to manage and segment your contacts for future campaigns.

Updates and bug fixes

  • The issue with using illustrations in brand creation and management has now been resolved. Illustrations are now displayed correctly.
  • There was a problem with page numbering in lists under certain circumstances. This issue has been fixed.

Version 6.19

Released February 27, 2024

What's new

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is now available to make your Cakemail account more secure. Each user can easily activate it from the Security section in their user profile. They can register the Application on their mobile device Authenticator App by completing the simple flow led by a QR code.

    Additionally, 10 security codes are available to access the application in case the mobile device is unavailable or lost. MFA can be independently activated or deactivated by each user.

Bug fixes

  • The application now allows domain validation for tracking links and bounce domains  directly within the interface.
  • We fixed an issue where unauthenticated sender domains couldn't be selected for new lists.
  • You can now select a different email address than the sender as a reply-to address.
  • We addressed a bug that prevented editing phone numbers in company profiles.
  • The billing page is now optimized for quicker loading times.
  • We have fixed the issue that prevented logos from displaying correctly in forms.
  • In the statistics, the issue causing incorrect calculations of open rates is now resolved, and the percentages are now displayed correctly.

Version 6.18

Released February 1, 2024

What's new

  • All emails sent by Cakemail will be authenticated with DMARC. Sender email addresses that are not authenticated will be automatically modified to use an authenticated domain. Cakemail is thus implementing the necessary structure to support the best practices and anti-spam policies.

    Here is how unauthenticated email addresses are transformed to be authenticated:

    👉 Example of an unauthenticated sender's address:
    👉 Transformed and authenticated address:[]

    The domain will be used to transform sender addresses to ensure authentication and email deliverability.

    If the sender address belongs to a client account under a reseller domain that is already authenticated, the emails will be sent with this authenticated domain.
  • We have improved the toolset in the application to validate the sender domain for DKIM, SPF and DMARC.
  • We have improved the toolset in the reseller features to validate the reseller domain for DKIM, SPF and DMARC and serve as a sender domain fallback for their clients.

Version 6.17

Released January 22, 2024

What's new

  • Cakemail now offers a Billing Portal designed for White-label and Special Edition partners. Powered by Stripe, this portal facilitates subscription management and billing automation for partners' customers.

    Key features:
  • Designed for Partners: Tailored for White-label and Special edition partners.
  • Subscription Management: Enables customers to manage their subscription plans.
  • Billing Automation: Streamlines the billing process for efficiency.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies plan subscription and management.
  • Customizable Branding: Allows partners to integrate their own brand identity.
  • Multilingual Support: Offers services in multiple languages.
  • Secure Transactions: Powered by Stripe for secure billing operations.
  • Global Currency Support: Handles transactions in various currencies.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily integrates with partners' public websites and pricing pages.

Version 6.16

Released October 12, 2023

What's new

  • The Heatmap now visually highlights the most-clicked links in your campaign. In your template, the area around the most-clicked links - including buttons and images - will appear in warmer colors.
  • We have implemented Azure AD authentication for Single Sign-On (SSO) to access the Cakemail app - and its API. This feature is available on request for Enterprise accounts only.

Updates and bug fixes

  • We've resolved display issues that caused duplicate categories to appear when importing data into an existing list.
  • Statistics now provide more relevant information as well as details about bounce types.
  • The time zone issue when scheduling a campaign has been fixed.
  • You can now easily upload larger lists without any delays or timeout issues.
  • Enhanced control has been implemented for tests, activation, and campaign scheduling within the automation module, increasing overall security.
  • We have addressed the issue related to statistics and list exports. In rare instances, data could be missed when working with very large lists.
  • For users experiencing discrepancies in the display of their physical address information, this issue has been resolved by using more detailed information.

Version 6.15

Released June 9, 2023

What's new

  • Smart templates are email templates that are automatically customized to your brand, optimizing the email campaign creation process, and establishing uniform branding across all communications.
  • Multi-campaign report exports now provide you with the ability to download all data from your various campaigns in a single step. This consolidated data encompasses key metrics — including open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and the number of unsubscribes — that help you with performance analysis, management, and the preparation of detailed reports.

Updates and bug fixes

  • When exporting contacts, you can now export only the filtered information. The date format has also been standardized and is easily readable.

Version 6.14

Released April 24, 2023

What's new

  • Write with AI is a personal AI assistant that speeds up email copywriting. It’s built into the Email designer, making writing emails that much easier.
  • Smart subject uses AI to recommend optimized email subject lines. It offers ideas based on the information in your email and aims to boost email interactions.
  • Subscriber preference center allows subscribers to choose their Interests and subscription preferences, giving you the opportunity to offer them even more relevant content. In this release, you can define Interests and make them available for selection by your subscribers.
  • Brand manager allows you to define and manage your visual identity through logos, colors, fonts and styling, with the goal of providing customers with a consistent experience across every interaction with your business. In this release, we’ve integrated Brand manager within the Subscriber Preference Center.
  • UTM parameters facilitate the tracking of campaign results by effortlessly generating the UTM code for your links.

Updates and bug fixes

  • The contacts section has been redesigned to offer more prominent and easy-to-use filters.
  • A validation process has been implemented during email creation to make the code cleaner and cut down on issues.
  • Draft campaigns that could previously not be deleted under certain conditions can now be deleted.
  • Improvements have been made to increase the application’s performance and allow for quicker loading.

Version 6.13

Released December 17, 2022

What's new

  • Saved rows are a great way to share and reuse content across templates. You can now save a content row with a description and keywords and use it in different campaigns.
  • Display condition allows you to select a row and have its content displayed - or not - based on a chosen condition, like language or city.
  • Contact tags help you to better organize your contacts. Instead of adding attributes, you can now use tags to indicate status, condition, or category, as well as categorize your contacts, segment your list, influence Automation criteria, and enhance statistics.

Updates and bug fixes

  • A/B split has been enhanced and simplified to reduce the number of steps required to construct both paths.
  • Statistics have also been improved.
  • We also made a number of security changes and improvements.

Version 6.12

Released September 21, 2022

What's new in Premium plans

  • With the introduction of A/B split test campaigns, you can now compare two email versions before automatically delivering the one that performs best to the rest of your audience. The test campaign’s size and duration are up to you, and the version that wins is determined by click-through rate.
  • You can now update your recipients’ custom attribute data in Automation based on how they interact with a campaign, such as clicking on a link. Your subscribers can then be segmented using this action.
  • Looping is now available in Automation. A loop allows you to repeat an action – email sending, for example – several times. You can use this for various purposes, such as sending an unopened email three times to the same subscriber, or sending it until it is opened.

Updates and bug fixes

  • Campaign menus will be updated with the release of A/B split to make it easier to choose between sent and draft campaigns.
  • Mobile rendering of emails sent by Automation was experiencing issues. The problem has been resolved.
  • Links destination previews are now rendering properly.
  • The process of saving an Automation is now faster and properly confirmed.

Version 6.11

Released August 30, 2022

What's new

  • Campaign activity reports can now be exported in CSV format. You can then import the data into your preferred application for analysis and reporting.
  • Activity reports now include more detailed information for each type of event – clicks, opens, bounces, and so on – as well as a thumbnail image of each link destination.
  • We improved the user experience for creating Automations by offering better guidance to help you prepare your user journey. For example, we now notify you when certain information is missing, such as a subject line in one of your emails, and let you know where you can add it.
  • To avoid making judgments based on too preliminary and/or partial data, we added a 48-hour delay after campaign deployment before displaying the open and click rate qualification information of current campaigns (Good, Bad).
  • You can now access audience information for each campaign – lists and segments – directly from the Campaigns Sent and Campaigns Outbox pages.

    Version 6.10

    Released July 21, 2022

    What's new

    • Alter your automations on the fly rather than having to duplicate them. You’ll be able to keep track of the contact’s journey.
    • Manually add contacts at the start of an automation.
    • Use the Path split condition to divide your contacts into two separate journeys and test different marketing tactics on your audience. When your contacts reach this condition, we'll randomly divide them into "A" or "B" paths based on the ratios you've chosen.
    • Send email campaigns to multiple segments at once, making it easier and faster to reach the people you want to reach.
    • While designing mobile emails, control individual elements in the mobile viewport directly, without affecting the desktop design.
    • Apply borders and rounded corners to content areas of your emails for a more elegant look.
    • Use the search field to find a specific campaign in Drafts, Outbox and Sent.
    • The Sent campaigns page now displays an overview of the results for each campaign, including delivery, open, click and unsubscribe rates.
    • We improved automation behind the scenes for greater scalability and performance. It can now support automations of all types and sizes.

    Bug fixes

    • In some circumstances, contacts were missing from exports. This issue has been resolved.

    Version 6.9

    Released June 15, 2022

    Automation more powerful with conditions

    We now support branching conditions with “If/Else” modifiers, meaning you can now fine-tune your automation based on previous steps, such as:
    • opened or didn't open
    • clicked or didn't click
    • sent or wasn't sent
    For example, you can now specify what content to send to a contact who has previously clicked on a link in an email versus someone who hasn’t clicked on this link – or who clicked on a different link. By sending contacts different content based on their actions, you can automatically make all of your communications more relevant to your users.

    Private DKIM domain authentication

    You can now define and use your private DKIM domain authentication (non-shared) to maximize your reputation and increase deliverability. Your reputation will be protected to the greatest extent possible. This feature is also available through the Cakemail API.

    Cakemail en español - Cakemail is now available in Spanish!

    Si el español es más útil para algunos o todos los miembros de su equipo… If some or all of your team members prefer Spanish, you now have access to a fully translated application en español. This means that each user on your team can now use the app in the language with which they’re most comfortable.
    We’d also like to point out that Cakemail is also available in French: Cakemail est disponible en français.

    Bug fixes

    • Contact filters have been removed for the time being to ensure that you can export with all of the data. We’re working on a better version of these filters. (Also available through the API)
    • Emails that did not contain a URL were not sent in some cases; this issue has now been resolved. (Also in the API)

    Other improvements

    • We’ve redesigned the Pricing page to make the feature set for each plan more clear and to assist you in selecting the plan you need based on your contact volume and currency ($US, $CAD and EURO).

    Version 6.8

    Released April 27, 2022

    Statistics in Automation

    We now provide real-time performance reports (opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces) for each email in your automation series. The report display can be limited to a time period, from the last 24 hours to last year. More detailed statistics are also available on the side panel as soon as you select an email.
    In addition, a view of the number of people at each stage of their journey is now available.

    Cakemail integrations for Zapier

    We've released Cakemail integrations for Zapier, which allows you to integrate your applications to take advantage of Cakemail's messaging platform. For example, you can use one of our Zap templates to automatically subscribe your new customers to your Cakemail audience from Stripe, WooCommerce or your leads from Hubspot, TypeForm, Salesforce, Intercom or Evenbrite and Google Forms. You can also receive an update on each new subscriber directly in your Slack account or boost abandoned carts in Shopify by sending them an email.

    Subscription and Unsubscribe pages

    We've improved the experience when your contacts subscribe and unsubscribe from your list. The confirmation pages are sleeker and clearer, and you can now add your own logo.

    New blog

    Our blog has been entirely redesigned to display more appropriately all the content you can find on general email marketing best practices as long as deliverability, lists, campaigns and trends. You’ll also find some information on regulations as well as recent product news.

    Other improvements

    • Better guidance for sender selection and configuration. Also, more useful information in campaign overview to guide you through the authentication process.
    • Updated pricing.

    Version 6.7

    Released March 17, 2022

    Sender domain authentication

    Authentication is essential for your emails to be delivered and we have simplified the process of setting up DKIM / DMARC authentication with your own sender domain. Also refer to our article on authentication: Authenticating my domain with SPF, DKIM and DMARC protocols.

    Improved guidance for new users

    If you are a new user, you will be guided through the application to quickly discover the important steps and achieve your goals.

    Improved Email designer

    Our Email designer now offers new and improved features. Here are our favorites:
    • New text blocks give you more elegant and consistent formatting of your content across all browsers. You'll especially appreciate the Paragraphs and List features.
    • You can now test your email in dark mode, to see how it will look to people who have selected this setting on their computer/phone.
    • The HTML rendering has been improved to make the HTML code of your emails simpler, faster and with greater compatibility with email clients.

    Export your contacts

    You can easily export your contacts from Cakemail. Exporting the list is available via the Actions menu on the right side of the list. You can export either all contacts or a segment. In order to help protect your data, the user who exported the list is identified.

    Zapier BETA 2.0

    Zapier integration for Cakemail is now available. You can sign up via this invitation and test the integration. This release is a major improvement. We look forward to your feedback.

    White-label reseller branding

    White-label resellers can now customize their Next-gen user interface themselves by adding their logo, their colors and their links. Contact us if you need help or more information on this

    Other improvements

    • We fixed the billing synchronization so that the statistics match the actual usage on the account's birthday.
    • We've made some fixes to the user interface to improve your experience.
    • We fixed the bug with Emojis in the item. They are no longer broken when a campaign is reactivated after being in review.
    • We have clarified the identification of HTML templates in the system and their compatibility with the HTML editor to differentiate them from those used with the email designer.
    • We have corrected some issues with the campaign scheduling that was not working properly under certain conditions.
    • We clarified the process to ensure that users are able to review and add information when a sender is missing.
    • We corrected the validation of required links in the email footer. We now identify and account for the global unsubscribe link and ensure that validation of the required unsubscribe link and physical address is also performed in the mobile version.

    Version 6.6

    Released December 23, 2021

    Campaign performance

    • We've made several improvements to help you run more effective campaigns. 
    • We've added useful tips for email design. Its documentation has also been improved.
    • We've improved the campaign overview to give you better insights on your performance and help you understand your audience.
    • Finally, we've improved the campaign workflow to make sure you're in compliance with all laws and regulations.
    If you haven't already done so, you can consult the documentation that will help you improve your delivery performance. We suggest you start with Getting better open rates.

    Learn more about everything related to your Cakemail account and email marketing best practices with our Knowledge base.

    Status page

    We've released a new status page where you can get real-time information on the activity of all our applications and systems. You can also sign up to receive updates via email.

    Discover the Status page

    Other improvements

    • It is now possible to transfer images from Classic to Cakemail Next-gen.
    • More HTML templates are now available: if you prefer to work with HTML code in our editor, we have 50 new templates for you.
    • We’ve resolved issues to fix campaign list sorting functionality.
    • We have improved the way you can manage your Cakemail subscription plan.
    • We now support Euros and Canadian dollars. Contact us if you wish to change the currency of your plan.
    • We’ve improved the reliability of the automation workflows.
    • You can now delete your unused campaign drafts.
    • Automations are now stopped as soon as they are deactivated, preventing all subscribers from receiving emails until they are reactivated.
    • We have improved the way we report errors and exceptions to help you better understand the issues.

    Version 6.5

    Released November 3, 2021


    • We've added tags for campaigns, which allows you to filter and search for all types of sent, draft and other campaigns in your account.
    • We've also improved the tags for templates so you can add new tags to your templates and search them.

    Usage of role accounts

    • It is now possible to use role-based email addresses as a user or sender. A role-based email address is usually a corporate address that is not associated with a single, specific person, such as sales@ info@ or team@ email addresses.
    • We’ve improved the dashboard to better guide new users in completing important tasks.
    • We’ve improved the user experience during the sending of a campaign and after its sending.
    • Campaigns can now be previewed even if the recipient list is not yet defined.
    • We’ve made it possible to create and modify an automation even if the sender is not yet defined.
    • We now provide better information and guidance to users who experience network communication issues from the browser.
    • We’ve worked on security improvement for your account.

    Version 6.4

    Released September 4, 2021

    Display conditions of content blocks

    The “display conditions” functionality allows you to change the content that is shown to email recipients based on who they are. For example, you can target specific people based on the city they live in or send different images to cat lovers and dog owners. Here is more information: Personalizing your campaign with dynamic content

    Animated gifs and Emojis

    Two new menus give you access to a selection of hundreds of emojis and animated GIFs to bring life to your emails.

    Reverse stack order

    The “reverse stack order” feature allows you to decide in which order the content will appear on mobile devices. It makes it easier for you to choose the content you want to focus on for every different device.

    Easy mobile/desktop preview switch

    • You can create and arrange specific content for desktop or mobile devices to improve your subscribers’ experience. To help you do that, you can now check how all your content will be displayed - or not - on each screen type, directly in the same window of the editor. When you select the screen type (desktop or mobile) at the top of the editor, the content will be displayed according to the selected screen type: Clear for the active content and blurred for the inactive.
    • We have simplified the management of contact attributes so you can use them with more pleasure. Being able to segment a list is a powerful option to have!
    • You now have the ability to configure the default sender for a better cohesion and recognition in your subscription and unsubscription emails.
    • You can set up customized confirmation pages to send out when a contact subscribes or unsubscribes from a list, making sure your brand is visible throughout the entire relationship.
    • You have the possibility to simultaneously execute an action on a selection of contacts (on a complete list or a list filtered by a segment). Example: You can now simultaneously unsubscribe multiple contacts by selecting contacts and selecting “unsubscribe” from the dropdown menu.
    • We have added new filters to make your list management easier.

    Bug fixes

    • We have improved the password strength verification process to ensure stronger security.
    • With the visual improvements we’ve made for more consistency, we hope you feel that navigation is easier and clearer throughout the app.
    • If you haven’t tried this yet, it’s time to create automation workflows. If you have, we trust that you’ll appreciate the process improvements we’ve made.

    Affiliate program

    Campaign performance

    We have launched an affiliate program to give partners the opportunity to earn additional revenue by referring new customers to Cakemail.

    Version 6.3

    Released July 15, 2021

    Campaign performance

    • We’ve improved the contact list import to make it faster and smoother. In addition, whenever a contact cannot be imported, despite our best efforts, we will indicate it to you, in red, so that you can do something about it.
    • Contacts can now be filtered by their status. This allows, for example, to display only active, inactive or unsubscribed contacts.
    • You can now delete contact lists you are no longer using. This allows you to keep your account clean and save money. No need to worry about reports from campaigns sent to these lists as they remain available even after the list is deleted.
    • Your custom list attributes are now available in the Email designer, allowing you to more easily personalize your campaigns, like “Hello [firstname]”.
    • We've made it easier to share links to pages in the app, like a campaign report, even if the people you're sharing it with aren't logged into their Cakemail account. When the person clicks on the link, she will be redirected to the login page. Once logged, she will be brought to the linked page.
    • What happens when your subscribers click Subscribe or Unsubscribe? You can now define all the pages your subscribers interact with during the subscribe and unsubscribe flow.
    • Email screenshots are now displayed for all campaigns that are in draft, outbox or sent. They provide a visual clue to help you find what you're looking for.
    • We’ve improved how things work behind the scenes when someone creates a Cakemail account in order to increase security and ensure a better experience.

    Bug fixes

    • Statistics on opens have been corrected in campaign reports. Something was not right but now it’s fixed.
    • We’ve fixed an issue with the delay we set in Automation between each action.

    For resellers

    • System emails have been redesigned.
    • Reseller partners can also now modify them or use their own templates.

    Version 6.2

    Released June 1st, 2021


    Email automation is now available in the Cakemail Next-gen app. It allows for the creation of an email series or drip campaigns. You can now trigger emails to new subscribers based on predefined rules and delays. In a future release, these emails could be made conditional to specific events such as email opens, clicks or sends.


    Resellers can now offer the Cakemail Next-gen app under their own brand. Branding includes logo, colours and URLs through the app. Existing resellers should contact our Customer Support Team to have this feature deployed to their account.

    Other improvements

    • Cakemail Next-gen App is now fully available in French.
    • The campaign reports have been improved.
    • List management and segmentation have been improved.

    Version 6.1

    Released March 15, 2021


    Over 600 new email templates are available within our email designer. These templates are searchable by label via the advanced filters and are classified into three categories: Usage (newsletter, tutorial, product launch, etc.), Industry and Seasonal.

    CampAccount and user managementaign performance

    Plan management features are now available to all new accounts. Existing accounts should contact our Customer Support Team to have these features deployed to their account.


    To further increase security, the password security policy has been improved.


    The French version has been improved. Merci de votre patience.

    Version 6.0

    Released January 28, 2021

    Cakemail Next-gen

    With Next-gen, we’re rebuilding Cakemail from the ground up to make it easier for organizations to nurture relationships. Although this initial release does not yet contain all the features available in Cakemail Classic, it does bring significant improvements to the user experience. 

    This release is available under the Cakemail brand only. Reseller support and white-label functionality will be added in a subsequent release.

    Next-gen App is built on Next-gen API, available to developers and partners.


    Easily get started with Cakemail Next-gen with a step-by-step guide to setup your account. We've also revamped our knowledge base.

    Sender management

    There is a new section to allow the management and validation or sender names and emails. This helps prevent phishing and improved security.

    Contact management

    • Add new contact lists
    • Modify your list’s custom attributes for better personalization
    • Add or import contacts to a contact list
    • Access contact detailed information and activity
    • Modify contact detailed information
    • Create new segment to better target your audience
    • Modify existing segments
    • Manage your account suppression list making sure you don’t send emails to people who don’t want to receive them

    Subscription forms

    • Create new subscription form to grow your audience
    • Modify existing forms using our drag-and-drop editor - adapt to your landing page 
    • Easily embed your subscription form either by linking to it or by pasting the code on your website


    • Create campaigns easily either with a wysiwyg editor or by pasting the code of your template.
    • Preview your campaign and send yourselves a test
    • Schedule your campaign to send it in the future or send it right away
    • See the progress of your campaign being sent
    • Duplicate a previous campaign to get started faster


    • Review performance summary of your campaign with beautiful images and graphics
    • See detailed information about contact activity and link performance