Cakemail for resellers

Make Cakemail your business

Generate additional revenue streams from your existing customers or use Cakemail to get a new business up and running.

Enjoy flexibility with design, branding, domains and more
Full app rebranding
Add your own logo, colours, custom CSS, languages and integrated tools to adapt the entire user experience to
your brand.
True white label
Our platform fades into the background while you get all the credit… down to the tiny details like link-tracking domains, custom sign-up pages and service integrations.
Customized app and tracking links
Sending, tracking, bounces and other domains can be completely customized using your own domains. Every little detail can be tailored to your needs.
Email authentication
We support DKIM (shared or dedicated), SPF/SenderID and DMARC methods of authentication, and we encourage our clients to support them too to ensure a high rate of delivery.
Make money with email marketing
Preferred pricing & revenue sharing
We offer a significant margin on industry-based pricing, which means that your email marketing will be profitable almost immediately.
Add recurring revenue
With ongoing client relationships, your agency can have recurring revenue coming in while you focus on spending your time on billable work.
Delight small business customers with a professional email marketing platform
High sending capacity
Whether you have to scale sending capacity quickly, send a high volume of seasonal or cyclical emails, deliver on the fly or use dedicated IPs, image and/or content hosting, you're subject to the ever-changing sending/receiving rules and throughput limits of individual ISPs.

Cakemail manages the sending and reporting of millions and millions of emails, structured in a variety of ways, ensuring data security and compliance every time.
Managed deliverability
When it comes to sending broadcast emails, managing things like proper authentication, unsubscribes, bounces, spam complaints and feedback loops is key to maintaining your sender reputation. But not everyone has the resources, expertise or time to do so.  

Cakemail manages deliverability for you, ensuring that your emails reach the inbox and that your sending domains don’t get blocked or blacklisted by ISPs.
Multilingual & translatable
While other email service providers operate exclusively in English, Cakemail is proud to support multiple languages. Our language options allow you to tailor every last detail, from your customer’s user interface language to the language of a particular contact list, to supporting special characters.

And if your language isn't available, we're happy to work with you to translate the application into however man languages you need.
Whatever you need, we've got your back
Support & resources
Our team of product experts and our robust knowledge base are available to help your customers when in need . Using Cakemail’s white label functionality? We’ll train your support team so they can help your customers instead.
Partner hub
Want to know what’s happening now? Welcome to the partner hub. It's set up to help you keep track of new customers and email volume, as well as monitor email delivery issues.
Partner API
Limited to qualified partners, the Partner API allows resellers to support their clients by performing all the operations offered by the Cakemail APIs, including list synchronization, campaign management, logging and reporting. With the Partner API, you can seamlessly provision, configure, manage and monitor sub-accounts.
Sales support
The more you sell, the more we sell. So we’re here to help! With sales materials like feature lists, website content and numerous educational resources, we have all of the tools you need to quickly and easily articulate what Cakemail’s email platform does (all without having to write any new content yourself). It's win-win!

Become a reseller

Start adding recurring email marketing revenue to your business through our reseller program.
As a Cakemail reseller, you'll get:
  • A multilingual and translatable email marketing platform completely branded to your business
  • Preferred pricing and revenue sharing
  • Support and sales team training
  • Client management tools
  • High sending capacity
  • Partner API access

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