Cakemail for Agencies

Supercharge Your Agency with Email Marketing

Expand your services portfolio and increase client retention and recurring revenue by adding Cakemail's state-of-the-art email marketing solutions.

Designed for Agencies, Built for Scale

Your Brand, Your Interface

Infuse Cakemail with your agency's identity—logos, color schemes, and even custom CSS for a unique client experience.

True white label

Let your agency shine while we handle the backend. Sending, tracking, bounces and other domains can be completely customized using your own domains. We tailor every little detail to your needs.

Trustworthy Deliverability

Advanced authentication methods like DKIM, SPF/SenderID, and DMARC keep your clients' emails landing where they should. And Managed Delivery Services ensure there are no issues, typically before they happen.

Profitable Partnerships

Competitive Margins

Our revenue sharing model and account pricing is structured to give your agency the edge, making profitability a given, not a goal.

Recurring Revenue

Secure long-term, recurring revenue while freeing up time for your agency's core competencies.

Client Success, Agency Growth

Scalable Sending Capacity

Our platform adjusts to your clients' needs, whether they're sending a few hundred or several million emails.

Hassle-Free Deliverability

We manage the technical nitty-gritty of email sending, so you can concentrate on strategy and client relationships.

Global Reach, Local Touch

Offer your clients the flexibility of multiple language options, perfect for agencies with a global clientele.

Agency-Centric Resources

Expert Training and Support

Our team is here to train and support yours, ensuring you can offer top-notch support to your clients.

Agency Dashboard

Stay updated on client sending rates, metrics, billing and any deliverability issues through a single, intuitive dashboard.

Full Control with Agency API

Our API is tailored for agencies, enabling seamless integration with your existing systems for end-to-end campaign management.

Ready-to-Use Sales Resources

We equip you with sample content, sales kits, feature breakdowns, competitive analysis and educational content, making it easier to pitch and grow revenue.

Adding recurring revenue with Cakemail's agency program

  • A multilingual and translatable email marketing platform completely branded to your business
  • Preferred pricing and revenue sharing
  • Support and sales team training
  • Client management tools
  • High sending capacity
  • Partner API access

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